Monday, October 24, 2016

Week at a glance 10-24-16

October 24, 2016

This Week At A Glance 

Reading - We will be going back over Main Idea and Details this week.  The students definately need more work on this skill.  This skill can also be practiced at home.  Have your child log on to IXL Language Arts at work on skills YY.1 and YY.2.

Math - We continue with Unit 3 this week.  Specifically, we will be working on addition and subtraction.  Ask your child to show you the methods that they are learning.  We are learning both the traditional algorithm and a pull-apart method for addition and counting-up method for subtraction.

Health - The Saying No Unit continues this week.  The students should have the study guide complete by now. Remember, the test will be on the 27th.

Science - We have started a science unit on Sound.  The students will be doing some experiments at school and the unit will end with a student project. There will be more details to come soon.  This unit will probably take us a couple weeks to get through.

Writing - We will continue to work on prompt writing this week.  The students are learning a strategy that involves using the acronum M.A.P.S.  It stand for Mode, Audience, Purpose and Situation. This will help them organize the information in the prompt and their thoughts.

Spelling - This weeks spelling pattern is th words.  Again, the challenge words are words that the students have been mispelling in their writing or asking me how to spell.  

The advanced list consists of words that have the long o pattern.  

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