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Crossed - Katie 

I am reading Crossed by Aly Condle.  This is the second book in the Matched Series.  Some of the characters in this book include:  Cassia, Xander, Ky and Vick.  
I visualize that Cassia is a brown-eyed redhead, with whitish skin.  She has a tiny nose and no freckles.  Whenever her character speaks, in my mind, I hear a quiet, faint voice.  Almost as swift as the wind.
I visualize Xander with dark brown hair.  In my mind he has light blue eyes, about 5 freckles, and a heartstopping smile.  I picture that he has a deep voice, but not too deep, kind of like Gale's from The Hunger Games movie.
I think that Ky is a mix of Edward from Twilight and Zeakeal from The Bar Code Tattoo.  I visualize him with dark blue eyes and pale skin.  He is mysterious, but out there.  To me, his voice even sounds like Edward's.
I visualize Vick to be almost eaxctly like Jasper from the Twilight movie, except in my mind, he has green eyes, not red, and his voice sounds more like Justin Bieber's (Don't ask why.  That's just how I picture him).
As you can see, these people really remind me of other people.  Also, I visualize the setting to look a lot like the Grand Canyon.

Between the Shades of Gray - Brooke

I am reading Between the Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys.  It is about a girl who gets seperated from her dad,  Her mother, brother, her and some people they meet along the way, go from beinf free to being slaves.  If they sign a certain piece of paper they get sentenced to 25 years of work.  The thing I don't like about this book is that it is very unpredictable.  What I do like about this book, is that the story is very dramatic.  In the book it said that the family was not used to cold weather and it reminded me of when I switched from Marco Island winter weather to Indiana winter weather.  It was too cold for me and I had to quickly adjust.

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