Monday, November 7, 2016

This Weeks at a Glance 11/7/16

This Week At A Glance 

Reading - This week's focus is Realistic Fiction.  We will also be taking a Practice IRead test 3 days this week.  I will let you know what the results are by the beginning of next week.

Math - 
3-7 Exploring Bar Graphs
3-8 Scaled Picture Graphs
3-9 Exploring Multiplication Squares
3-10 Communtative Property of Multiplication

Science - We are doing lots of fun Sound Experiments this week.  The students have copies of the directions so they can try them out at home too.  Homemade Instrument Project information was sent home on last Friday.  Your child's instrument is due this Friday, Nove. 11th.

Writing - We will be moving on to writing realistic fiction this week.  The students will learn about developing a setting, characters and a plot.

Spelling - This weeks spelling pattern is sh words.  Again, the challenge words are words that the students have been mispelling in their writing or asking me how to spell.  

The advanced list consists of words that have the long u pattern.  

Don't forget to get out their and vote on Tuesday!  Your child will be participating in a mock election here at school.  They will be voting on Field Day shirt designs.  They have already filled out thier voter registration cards and will be casting their ballots tomorrow morning.  Take advantage of this opportunity to discuss how voting is a right and a reponsibilty or every citizen and what that means.

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