Sunday, October 16, 2016

This Week At A Glance 10/17/16

October 17, 2016

This Week At A Glance 

Reading - The students have been divided into groups according to their reading levels.  They will be meeting with me at least twice a week for about 20-25 minutes.    We will also be learning Fact and Opinion.

Math - Unit 3 starts this week.  This unit centers around operations.  This week the students will learn about number patterns and estimating cost.  I gave the students a pretest for this chapter to help me differentiate the lessons to meet the students needs.  This means that some students will be doing enrichment activties and some will recieve remediation as necessary.

Health - We will be starting a health unit this week.  The lessons are about saying NO to smoking, Drinking, and Drugs.  The students will get a study guide and the unit test will be October 25th.  

Science - At the end of this week we will start a science unit on Sound.  The students will be doing some experiments at school and the unit will end with a student project. There will be more details to come soon.

Writing - Last week's writing samples showed me that the studnets need more work with on demand writing.  Because of this, this week's writing focus is Prompt Writing.  The students will learn how to interpret a prompt and how to write according to the prompt requirements.

Spelling - This weeks spelling list has not pattern.  They are words that every 3rd grader sould know how to spell.  We call these NO EXCUSE words.  The challenge words are words that the students have been mispelling in their writing or asking me how to spell.  
The advanced list consists of words that have the long i pattern.  

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