Monday, October 3, 2016

This Week at a Glance 10/3/16

October 3, 2016
This Week At A Glance

Reading - Students will start Reading Groups this week.  Your child may be assigned to do some reading at home.  Make sure you look in their assignment book for Reading assignments.  These minutes can be used toward the Reading Log and Book-It.  While some students work in groups, the other students will be responsible for completing a Reading Packet for the Week and Reading Independently.  If students don't complete the packet in class, they may need to work on it at home.  There is plenty of time for them to complete the assignments in the packet as long as the students use their time wisely.

Math - This week, our work in Unit 2 focuses on division.  The students will be working on Division Models, Pictures and Arrays.  Our next Math Test will be October 12th and 13th.  If you ever need a reminder of test dates or any other class event, please refer to the calendar on the blog.

Social Studies - We start a new unit on Communities this week.  The students will be learning about Characteristics of Communities as well as the History and Characteristics of Lowell.  A study guide for the unit was handed out today and we went over a few questions and answers in class.  The students are not required to complete the study guide at home, but he/she may work on it if they like.  We will be filling in the answers together in class.  It's best if your child studies a little of this information each night.  The assessment for this unit will be on October 17th.

Writing - We are still working on Opinion Writing.  The students were asked to write in response to a persuasive letter last week and state their own opinions.  Many of the students struggled with this task.  The most common mistake was not answering the question asked.  This is one of the skills we will be reviewing this week.  
In addition, the students will be learning about Sentence Structure.

Spelling -  This week's spelling pattern is long vowel words.  The spelling list has been posted to the blog.  Please make sure your child completes their nightly homework to practice these words. 

Some students have been given an Advanced Spelling List.  This list is posted on the blog as well.  The homework for both lists are the same.

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